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Our complete continuum of care provides physical, emotional, and psychological support, including treatment of co-occurring issues, leading you to a healthy, long-term recovery.

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We provide a holistic treatment program that utilizes a 3-part approach to treat all aspects of your life contributing to addiction including: addictive disorders, mental illness, and trauma.

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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on using evidenced based treatment overseen by Dr. Julio Rojas, a licensed health service psychologist and licensed alcohol and drug counselor in Oklahoma. Dr. Rojas's research and writings focus on the integrated treatment of addictive disorders, psychiatric co-morbidity, and trauma. He utilizes his Venn diagram heuristic to guide the intentional application of education, evidenced based treatment interventions, and therapeutic experiences for you.

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Dr. Julio Rojas

Dr. Julio Rojas

Rojas is a licensed health service psychologist and licensed alcohol and drug counselor in Oklahoma, and serves as the Addiction Recovery Center's Clinical Psychologist. With his unique Venn Philosophy, the ARC is able to provide integrated treatment of addictive disorders, psychiatric comorbidity and trauma. 

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At the ARC, you are our priority and we treat you as an individual.

Your stay at the Addiction Recovery Center will include an individualized care plan following a one-on-one consultation with our Medical Director. Enjoy the comfort of a private suite with hotel-like accommodations, plus additional amenities such as massage, acupuncture, yoga, and therapeutic exercise. 

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“I had a great experience with the ARC, I was referred from residential treatment and have been pleased with the professionalism and care I was treated with. The counselors worked as a team to take in to account my individual needs to help me develop my treatment plan. They were responsive when I raised any concerns and helped me connect to after care that with help me maintain my sobriety.”

- ARC Guest



We accept most major insurance providers. The ARC is currently in-network with the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma 

Health Choice



United Healthcare