Addiction Recovery Programs

Complete Continuum of Care

The ARC focuses its treatment program around our individual guests to help them unlearn destructive behaviors while guiding them in the development of a positive attitude and beneficial patterns of thoughts and actions.

Addiction Recovery Center - Oklahoma City, OK | Continuum of CareThe Addiction Recovery Center and VizOwn offer a complete continuum of care for guests. Our medically supervised programs provide the physical, emotional, and psychological support, including treatment of co-occurring issues, that leads to a healthy, long-term recovery.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to live a life free of addiction.

We understand that your needs are unique ─ that's why we create individualized care plans built on evidence-based medical practice. 

Our 3 Phases of Recovery

  1. Withdrawal Management
    The Addiction Recovery Center is a medically supervised detox facility offering detoxification from your addiction and a plan for your recovery steps. Learn More

  2. Residential Treatment
    VizOwn is a ranch-style campus located on 135 acres of rolling green hills near Lake Thunderbird State Park. We offer a clinical approach and an array of activities to transition back into a sober, healthy lifestyle. Learn More

  3. AfterCare Service
    The Addiction Recovery Center provides one-on-one counseling and group support sessions that can help give you the stability needed to achieve a lifetime of sobriety. Learn More