Integrated Treatment Approach

Pre-existing psychological issues and trauma are often the underlying factors that drive addiction, therefore integrated treatment of both mental and substance abuse conditions (co-occurring conditions) is crucial to fully recover from chemical dependency. The National Institute of Health in 2012 reported that 70-80% of women with alcohol or drug use disorders also suffered from at least one mental illness during their lifetime. The ARC is fully committed to provide our guests integrated treatment or treatment that addresses emotional and substance use conditions at the same time resulting in better outcomes.

Venn Philosophy

Venn Diagram

Advances in addiction medicine and treating addiction as a disease rather than a personal weakness have led to improved patient care. In many cases, people struggling with addiction disorders also have a co-occurring psychiatric condition as well as trauma-related issues that further complicate treatment. In the recent past, healthcare professionals treated all three conditions separately often resulting in the individual showing improvement in one area but demonstrating signs of relapse in another area. Dr. Rojas has developed a Venn diagram heuristic that guides the integrated approach to address all three conditions simultaneously to produce the most effective results. An individual’s dedication to practicing abstinence based recovery is significantly enhanced when their psychiatric symptoms are reduced as well as alleviating the distress of trauma related symptoms.  

12 Step Program

The ARC recognizes the value of 12 step integration in the treatment milieu. Our evidenced-based facilitation of the 12 step principles encourages guests to adopt the 12 step philosophy as a way of life. Group lectures facilitated by a master level therapist and individualized journaling assignments are intentionally designed to guide our guests through the 12 steps. Our guests experience exceeds just knowledge of the 12 steps as they learn to live the 12 step program one day at a time.